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by | Dec 19, 2023

ancient warrior writing on metal tablets


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Studying the title page of The Book of Mormon is a great way to introduce the book for this year’s study.

Lesson Notes

You can find the full Come, Follow Me lesson here. Unless you opt to spend a lot of time on a particular quote, try to pick around 2 questions per quote. Choose the questions that resonate the most with you and make a meaningful discussion for your group of personalities.

All blue quotes from the Book of Mormon (unless otherwise noted).

Lesson Prep

  • If you want the discussion to be more meaningful, hand out reading assignments ahead of time and ask the reader to answer one question about it (Pick one of the questions below and give it to them, along with the assigned quote.) The sooner you do this, the better, but at least give it to them before Sacrament meeting if possible. You can text it or email it, too.
  • Ask various people to read and participate – especially those who aren’t asked as much.

Lesson Delivery

  • Make sure you assign others to read the quotes. You’re talking enough already. Letting others read allows more people to participate.
  • Encourage discussion by accepting all reasonable answers. Validate people for participating and be thankful they spoke up. Engage with the answer in a conversational way whenever it feels natural. Never say, “That’s not the right answer,” or “We haven’t got to that part of the lesson yet.”
  • Remember, spiritual discussion is golden. We want people to talk about the gospel together.
  • If a lesson takes a different turn, roll with it. The Spirit intends for you to be successful.
  • If the discussion gets too non-spiritual, pull it back by going to the following quote or question.
  • Avoid videos – they shut down discussion. Save them for personal study.

Printable Files

  • Coming Soon

Quote #1 (origin)

The title page of the Book of Mormon was written in ancient times instead of ours. Moroni wrote it to us, knowing that the book and the title page would come forth in our day.

Possible invitation to engage: Ask the class to listen for the key ideas Moroni shared about the Book of Mormon

Note: This quote can be split up into two smaller quotes.

Possible discussion questions: Why didn’t Moroni write to the Nephites? (accept all reasonable answers – He knew they would become extinct.) Did Moroni realize he was writing to us?

Behold, I speak unto you as if ye were present, and yet ye are not. But behold, Jesus Christ hath shown you unto me, and I know your doing. (Mormon 8:35, Moroni speaking)

More Questions: Who did he prophesy would bring forth the Book of Mormon? (A Gentile gifted with the means of interpretation) What does it mean to be a Gentile in the Book of Mormon? (non-Jewish nations or anyone who is not Jewish)

Quote #2 (capitals)

This is the second and last paragraph of the title page.

Note: This quote can be split up into two smaller quotes.

Possible invitation to engage: Ask the class to notice which words are all capital letters as we read the last paragraph.

Possible discussion questions: Which words are in all caps? Why do you think they are capitalized (accept all reasonable answers – Because Jesus Christ is the center of the Book of Mormon) Moroni talks about the Book of Ether, another story about a people brought to America. What is one of your favorite stories in The Book of Mormon?

ancient warrior writing on metal tablets
Moroni wrote the title page of the Book of Mormon.

Quote #3 (the way)

Talking out loud about how you will study The Book of Mormon this year strongly affects personal commitment. Help your class members firm up their own plans.

Don’t require a response, but let some people volunteer what they will do – and be ready to share your plan.

Two Important Questions

When and where will you read? Let people volunteer answers.

How will you invite the Spirit into your study? Let people volunteer answers.

The best way to keep up a habit is to attach it to something you already always do. Here are some examples:

  • I’ll read it first thing in the morning after I wake up.
  • I’ll read it right after breakfast.
  • I’ll listen to it on the way to school or church.
  • I’ll listen to it while I work out.

Quote #4 (skim the page)

The Come Follow Me lesson gives an excellent list of Book of Mormon Verses that represent its purposes. People won’t remember if you go over too many verses at once. People will remember the discussion if you pick one or two to emphasize.

  • Verses Print Out

Option #1 – Hand out a list of the scriptures printed out, and ask your classmates to pick out a verse that stands out to them today. (Give them one minute to skim) When someone volunteers a verse, read it together, and then ask that person why they chose that verse and what it means to them?

For options #1 and #2, allow other class members to make additional comments, volunteer different verses, and allow discussion if it happens naturally.

Reference: 2 Nephi 25:26Mosiah 3:5–8Alma 5:487:10–13Helaman 5:123 Nephi 9:13–1811:6–14Moroni 10:32–33.

Quote #5 (mistakes)

Note: This quote can be split up into two smaller quotes.

Elder Uchtdorf quotes the title page of the Book of Mormon and makes an important point:

Possible discussion questions: Should we reject the Book of Mormon if we find a mistake? Does a prophet stop being called by God if he makes a mistake? Are any Church leaders perfect? Why is it important to forgive Church leaders for their errors and mistakes? (we are all human, and we will all make mistakes)


Summarize class discussion highlights and/or share your testimony and feelings about the lesson. Thank your class for their excellent contributions and insights.

Final Comment

How wonderful it is to discuss the Book of Mormon this year. I’m thankful to anyone who teaches important doctrine like this on Sunday. You do vital work whenever you encourage more understanding and invite people to live their faith more fully.

If you would like some tips on how to feel more confident while teaching – try “9 Tips for More Class Participation.Please put the quotes in any order that makes sense to you.

PDFs for Download – click the blue link to view online.

Coming soon.

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