What Is the Celestial Kingdom

by | Feb 4, 2024

painting of celestial kingdom

What Is the Celestial Kingdom?

Most of us hope to make the Celestial Kingdom. What does that really mean?

We have almost 200 years’ worth of cultural and traditional teachings floating around about life after resurrection. Some of it is more like fan fiction.

The following verses help you understand the true doctrine about the Celestial Kingdom and our eternal destiny.

The Poor and the Meek Shall Inherit the Earth
(What does that mean?)

How Long Are We in the Celestial Kingdom?

Let’s keep reading.

Who Inherits This Celestial Kingdom?

painting of celestial kingdom

What Will the Celestial Kingdom Look Like?

Note who also inherits 👆👆 the Celestial Kingdom.

As a side note. Think about Joseph Smith and his seer stone. Is that such a wild or new idea?

Over the years, I have found the scriptures are the most authoritative reference we have when it comes to doctrine. I’ve also discovered the Doctrine and Covenants has teachings the Book of Mormon does not have…it’s essential to consume them regularly so I recognize true/false doctrine and gospel stories easier.

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