What Does “Stand In Holy Places” Mean?

by | Feb 9, 2024

A large living room

(includes quotes by Elder Bednar, Elder Faust, and John Taylor)

Why stand in a Holy Place?

We hear this phrase occasionally. According to Doctrine and Covenants 101:22-24, YOU WILL BE CONSUMED during the Second Coming if you don’t stand in a holy place.

(Verses 22-23, stand in holy places and prepare.)

Or YOU WILL DIE during the events leading up to the Second Coming if you don’t:

Big Question

I’ve heard several theories about what qualifies as a holy place, including our own home.

But most everyone has a home to stand in, and they would already stand there naturally, so what does the Lord mean when he says:

👉 My big question as I read this…what does Jesus Christ actually mean by “holy places.”

So I searched for it.

James E. Faust

Elder James E. Faust (apostle) says it beautifully

So, a temple is a holy place. That’s what most of us would guess.

John Taylor

John Taylor describes holy places this way:

To be a holy place, it needs to be full of the light and intelligence that flows from the throne of God.

A large living room

Elder Bednar

Can that be our home? Elder Bednar thinks so:

Later in the same talk quoted above, Elder Faust says: “Another holy place on earth ought to be our homes.”


Reading several quotes by prophets and apostles shows that the temple is a holy place. But also, in any place, we create a space that is “full of the light and intelligence that flows from the throne of God,” which can potentially be our home.

It immediately came to my mind I could do better at home. There is room for more habits and traditions to move it closer to a “holy place.” I’ll be sharing this with my husband today! We need a strategy and an intentional effort to create a holy place safe from the storm.

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