What Are the Odds?

by | Jan 4, 2024

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What Are the Odds?

A Response to Faith Only, Grace Only, and Good Works

I see some Christians placing spiritually precarious bets principally based on fan fiction about the thief on the cross. Or they center their sect’s whole set of beliefs around a rather convenient interpretation of only a few verses from Paul. Asserting that those interpretations somehow outrank and redirect ALL of a God’s earthly ministry and teachings found in the Four Gospels.

They not only ignore Jesus Christ when He talks about obedience, ordinances, and good works, but they ignore James, the brother of Christ, as well. In fact, they ignore hundreds of Bible verses.

What bet would you place? Which one wins for you?

1) Pivoting your whole belief that Jesus Christ took back all His words and teachings about obedience and good works – His entire legacy – and took it all back in one moment by one sentence that he said to a thief – a thief, whose life and circumstances and actions you know so little about?

2) Jesus Christ’s teachings and commandments about good works, obedience, baptism, and ordinances in the Four Gospels?

3) A few of Paul’s verses that, by narrow interpretation of grace, preach the neutralization of Christ’s words? Despite the presence of many of Paul’s verses that teach the opposite of your rather convenient interpretations and teach the same as Christ. That obedience and good works are necessary to experience Christ’s grace.

1 and 3 are some really long odds. You’re betting against a God – that somehow He didn’t know how to use His three years wisely and teach lasting, relevant truths. That ** some teachings by a mere mortal only 25 years later are a better idea. **[your interpretation of]

What Are the Odds?

The Thief

What does Jesus Christ say about John the Baptist and baptism?

The Apostle Peter taught, “Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins” (Acts 2:38). Following Paul’s conversion, Ananias said to him, “Arise, and be baptized, and wash away thy sins” (Acts 22:16).

👉 But your story is that Paul teaches one doesn’t need baptism? He needed it, but not anyone else?

Jesus established a very specific protocol for all time – until the end of the world:

And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.

And you still preach against this, based on the STORY you projected about the thief’s life?

Please reconsider.

Jesus told off the Pharisees, saying the harlots were better off because they chose to listen to John the Baptist and follow his teachings.

More than likely, the thief was baptized than he was not:

Those Few Verses By Paul

From a few verses in Galatians – some interpret Paul’s teachings about the futility of the Mosaic law as being about Jesus Christ’s law (that heavily preaches good works.)

If those few verses were all Paul taught, I could understand. But if you’re going to neutralize Jesus Christ’s commandments and teachings about good works, obedience, baptism, and frequent repentance – wouldn’t you want to study all of Paul’s words in context – to see if that is what he is really saying?

Instead, you ignore and skip over verses like the last one in Romans chapter 3. As in, they never bring these verses up – even though these verses are also by Paul and sound just like Jesus Christ’s teachings.

Or how about Romans 2? There is no mistaking or mincing Paul’s words here, and they echo Jesus Christ’s teachings exactly.

👉 Judgment Day

🔥Who gets eternal life?

👉Who gets indignation and wrath?

👉Who gets glory, honor and peace?

Who is justified?

What Jesus Taught

Here are only a couple of verses, but the list of verses could be 100+ long of the exact same:

We follow and teach and adhere to ALL of Jesus Christ’s teachings, ordinances and commandments in the Four Gospels. We hold Jesus Christ – the Eternal God as the greatest of all and that His words are the gateway for all others. He comes first. – Jesus’s teachings are the most important. If you feel the same, please join us.

Want to learn more about what Latter-day Saints actually believe? Here’s a one-page site that lists our beliefs with explanations. Godspeed you in your search for Jesus Christ.

What We Believe – One Page Site

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