We Have a New Apostle – Elder Kearon

by | Dec 8, 2023

man speaking at the pulpit

“Marin, I’m Elder Holland, and things are about to go downhill.”

Patrick Kearon’s General Conference Talk in April of 2022 was so good that I gave it five stars.

“He is Risen with Healing in His Wings”

The lesson plan for this talk with 5 Highlights is here.

He was the one who joked around with Elder Holland at that General Conference and impersonated Elder Holland because of that letter Elder Holland posted on the screen, “dear bishop, why are conference talks so boring?”

Elder Kearon breaks several molds. He was baptized when he was 26 and had no formal education. He made a successful international career in communications. He also has no middle name or initial.

I already love this British / Irish apostle. He has a great accent, too.

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  1. Kathy Lee

    I just reread this powerful talk then also listened to him presenting it. Looking forward to hearing him in the near future. Thanks for posting this.


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