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by | Jul 12, 2023

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Make your voice heard. Vote with your dollars by seeing Sound of Freedom now.

Don’t Wait

Joel and I seldom go to the theaters. We haven’t been in several years, but we drove 40 mins each way to see Sound of Freedom.


Because it sends a message and supports one of the most important causes of our times. Disney sat on it for five years trying to keep it from being seen. Amazon and Netflix wouldn’t carry it. Many theaters wouldn’t show it.

The mainstream media is telling you not to see it. They’re trying to keep you from seeing it.

Push back. Vote with your dollars. Send a message.

Seeing this movie and talking about it is a way to speak up in our community.

Bonus: It’s a superior movie. Well-made and great acting.

After the Movie

Child Sex Slavery is a $150 billion industry. America is the number one consumer. Prostitution, porn, organ harvesting.

Speak up. Make this a priority issue for every politician who runs for office or who is in office. Make them state their stand on this issue. Request every corporation and business to show how they are combating this societal tragedy.

We can make it a hill to die on. Message to corporations and government? Support this cause or become irrelevant.

Please spread the word – tell everyone about this movie.


This one won’t go away. Please share your thoughts about the movie and this issue.

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  1. Lynn Birnstihl

    Saw it last night. Still trying to still my heart. Unbelievable how corrupt and satanic child traffickers are! I’m so grateful this movie is out and pray that everyone will see it. The insanity has to stop and these children need to be reunited with their families. Please, everyone, don’t miss this!

    • Shawnie Cannon

      This is a great review. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Joel

    Great movie, look forward to seeing it again when it is on Twitter with subtitles. There is a lot of action and details that fly by.

    • Shawnie Cannon

      Watching it again with subtitles would be awesome.


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