Poll: Vote for Your Favorite April 2023 Talk

by | Apr 2, 2023

Christ visiting Nephites in America

Which General Conference Talk Should Definitely Become a Lesson?

Note: Poll closed – thank you so much for your feedback.

Your answers help me decide which “5 Highlights” lesson plan to write up next.

Note: President Nelson’s talk is done.
Elder Ballard’s talk is done.
Elder Renlund’s talk is done.
Camille N. Johnson’s talk is done.
Elder Stanfill’s talk is done.
Bonnie H. Cordon’s talk is done.
Elder Uchtdorf’s talk is done.
Elder Gong’s talk is done.

Please see the 5 Highlights page for additional talks.

Is there a talk that you could visualize becoming a great class discussion? Vote for it!

[Please leave your vote in the comments.]

Please – no more than 3 votes per person.

(Otherwise, it doesn’t really prioritize them.)

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  1. Jane

    Just Keep Going—with Faith by Cook & Have I Truly Been Forgiven? by Nattress

  2. Lesa

    1) One in Christ 2) Ministering 3) The work of the temples and Family History

  3. Marie

    Carl Cook

  4. Lesa

    Ministering, The work of the temples and family history, One in Christ

  5. Sandra Stone

    All of them. As a new RS teacher I really don’t know which talks I will be teaching from, so 5 highlights from all of them would be a great help.

  6. Nadine Hancey

    Elder Quintin L Cook
    Elder Juan A. Uceda

  7. Joyce

    After the Fourth Day-W. Mark Bassett

  8. Judy

    Have I Truly Been Forgiven – Elder Nattress

  9. Marlene

    Soares,Haynie,De Hoyos,Stanfill

  10. T.M.

    Elder Craig C. Christensen – There Can Be Nothing So Exquisite and Sweet as was My Joy

  11. Richard Barker

    The Greatest Easter Story Ever Told
    By Elder Gary E. Stevenson

  12. Shelley Hamel

    Trusting the Doctrine of Christ by Evan A Schmutz

  13. Ardy Vallett

    Pres. Erying – Finding Personal Peace

  14. Penny

    Dieter F. Uchtdorf “Jesus Christ is the Strength of Parents”

  15. Lynda Taylor

    I loved Elder De Hoyos talk on The work of the Temple and Family History… please and thank you. You are awesome. I have used your outlines for several of my classes and they are well received.

  16. McKinzi

    Elder Bednar’s talk would be great. I appreciate you so much! ❤️

  17. Amanda

    Elder Uchtdorf | W. Mark Bassett | Neil L. Anderson

  18. Melissa P

    Uchtdorf, Bednar, Christensen.
    I’m so happy I found your site. I just got called to teach RS and I’ve never had that calling before so I feel very nervous about it and your amazing highlights have helped me so much. Thank you!

  19. Teisa kava

    Bonnie H. Cordon

  20. Susan Oldroyd

    Elder Uchtdorf

  21. Emily N

    Anderson, Uchtdorf

  22. Penny

    Ministering by Elder Gerrit W. Gong

  23. Elisa

    Elder Gerrit Wong

  24. Emily

    Uchtdorf, Gong, Christianson are my 3 choices

  25. barbaraleehansen@netscape.net

    President Eyring, Elder Carl Cook, Elder Christensen

  26. Jenn


  27. Glenda Neher

    Elder Hayni’s talk

  28. Emily G Ray

    Eyring, Carl Cook, Stanfill

  29. Lisa


  30. Daria White


  31. Mary Perkins

    You have already done President Nelson’ s talk. Thank you.
    Elder Andersen, Elder Gong, Elder Bragg, Elder Bednar, Elder Utchdorf, Elder Eyring

  32. Lisa

    President Camille N. Johnson

  33. Ardmore

    Elder Stanfill
    President Nelson
    Elder Christofferson
    Sis. Camille Johnson
    Sister Cordon

  34. Gail Pierson

    As RS teacher these are the two talks I’ve assigned for Aprils’s 4th Sunday
    Elder James W McConkie lll
    Elder Joseph W Sitati

    • Shawnie Cannon

      The next set of lesson highlights will be from the April 2023 General Conference. So you might want to take a look at creating your own lesson with 5 Steps to a Lesson. You can do it!!! Godspeed you.

  35. Heather

    Rasband, Johnson, Carl Cook, Nelson, Haynie, Cordon, Ballard

  36. Ethel Tibbitts

    Elder Stanfill. This is my first time teaching and Elder Stanfill’s talk is my topic. I could use some help as I give my lesson this month – 4th week

  37. Lyndsey

    Elder Stanfill
    President Ballard
    Elder Renlund
    Elder Bassett
    President Eyring

  38. Nancy Miller

    Nancy says:
    Elder Uchtdorf
    President Eyring
    Elder Ballard
    Elder Stanfill
    Elder Christofferson
    Elder Nattress
    Elder Bennett
    Elder Haynie

  39. Mindy


  40. Annie Scoresby

    Also, any and all of the sisters! We need to hear from them in Relief Society!

    • Shawnie Cannon

      I agree!

  41. Annie Scoresby

    Elder Bednar. I’m so surprised to see only one other vote for this talk! It was the very last talk, but immediately I knew I wanted to study it more. Any time someone helps me to see the “how” in applying a principle, I perk up!

  42. Robin

    Sister Johnson
    Elder Cook
    Elder Renlund
    Elder Soares

  43. Tina

    Sister Cordon, Elder Renlund, Elder Soares, Elder Gong

  44. Rosemary Hopkins

    My favorite was Renlund’s talk on Saturday afternoon.

  45. Suzy Cannon

    Sister Cordon (I’ve already been assigned to teach this one)
    Elder Stanfill
    Elder Uchtdorf

  46. Gaye

    President Eyring
    Elder Renlund
    Brother Camargo
    Elder Christofferson
    President Ballard

  47. Kathy McCullough

    Elder Bragg
    Elder camargo
    Pres. Ballard
    Elder Stanfill

  48. JH

    Carl Cooke

  49. Kyler

    President Eyring
    President Oaks
    President Ballard
    Elder Soares
    Elder Uchtdorf
    Elder Christofferson

  50. Diana Culler

    Elder Haynie

  51. susanne3n

    Elder Stanfill
    Elder Uchtdorf
    Elder Rasband
    Elder Haynie
    Sister Cordon

  52. Marie Hyer

    Elder Carl Cook
    Sister Johnson
    President Nelson
    Elder Stanfil
    Elder Basset
    Elder Anderson
    Elder Soares
    Elder Ballard

  53. Paula

    Elder Stanfill
    Elder Gong
    Elder Utchdorf

  54. Danene Knowlden

    Elder Christopherson
    Sis. Camille Johnson
    Elder Stanfill

  55. Joette Armbruster

    Elder Bennett

  56. Deborah

    Elder Mark Bassett and Elder Allen D. Haynie

  57. Tyson

    Elder Bednar

  58. Cherri

    Elder Bragg

  59. Trevor Brooks

    Elder Renlund

  60. Pauline Brown

    President Nelson’s talk hands down was the best!!

  61. T Esplin

    Ministering by Elder Gong

  62. Kathy

    Elder Allen D. Haynie

  63. Kathy

    Elder Stanfill

  64. Tamara England

    President Ballard

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