Moroni Spells Out Church Life

by | Dec 3, 2020

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Highlights for Moroni 1-6

Moroni’s book almost didn’t happen because, as an author, he previously thought he was done with writing. While these latest chapters are short (because Moroni was hiding and running for his life), they contain major gems like the Sacrament prayers for the bread and the wine. They also include some interesting, pivotal verses about church life. Let’s browse through a few of these verses together.

What I Miss About Church

When I posted this scripture reference on Instagram, it tallied up more than 400 likes.

Moroni 6:5-6

I’m not surprised this post was popular. Back before the year 2020, we met at church every week. I loved the heart-to-heart connections and to talk about the challenges of life with each other. There is nothing like sweet fellowship and warmth of congregation.  Did any of us realize the great fortune of such camaraderie before it disappeared? This year has been such an eye-opener in a lot of ways! Now, this scripture appeals to our nostalgia for times past. Remember when we went to church every week without our face masks? Remember when we weren’t afraid to hug people and have a cozy chat about our lives in the foyer or even share details in class? Remember when taking the sacrament didn’t involve risks of contamination? Today, we read these verses and think, “those were the days.”

A Perfect Sacrament Meeting

How Moroni describes a Sacrament meeting itself, has me especially intrigued.

Moroni 6:9

Moroni’s spontaneous version of a church meeting appeals to me more than the weekly, boilerplate template we currently practice. Later I realized, what he details about church meetings is just how it happened with our home church this year. Each week, our private Sacrament meetings were custom made to order. Is this, maybe, something to ponder in regards to future joint church meetings?

Ministering is Eternal

This next verse (Moroni 6:4) outlines some of the essential ministering we can do for our brothers and sisters.

Moroini 6:4

One of the most important ministering functions we fill is to make sure those assigned to us are remembered, acknowledged & fellowshipped. The next is to see that their testimonies get support and encouragement – however, they should need it. I especially love the admonition about reminding them to pray. While studying this verse, I realized I don’t specifically say much about prayer, and it’s something I need to add to my conversations. Maybe I can offer to pray with them or make cute notes about prayer…at least occasionally?


Moroni’s descriptions of the Church are heart-warming and encouraging. Isn’t it interesting that the essential purposes of our Church have remained the same for centuries? I am so grateful Moroni held out and gifted us these last few insights about church meetings, and the care of other church members too.

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