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by | Oct 26, 2020

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Highlights for Mormon 1-6

The prophet Mormon saw our day and his greatest wish was to warn everyone in every corner of the earth to “repent & prepare.”

And I would that I could persuade all ye ends of the earth to repent and prepare to stand before the judgment-seat of Christ. (Mormon 3:22)

What was President Nelson’s biggest message from last General Conference? Bring God more fully into your life and get majorly fortified and prepared.

The Opposite of Zion

How incredibly hard for Mormon to have lived at the heels of one of the happiest, Utopian eras of his people. But, instead of enjoying the same legend Zion which had existed for almost 300 years, he grew up watching his people sabotage themselves into oblivion.

Love this painting by Jorge Cocco

If we learn by opposites, Mormon was a dedicated honor student. He internalized truths by watching their opposites take place. Consider this insightful observation of his, about those who chose Satan’s darkness and rejected the gospel:

But now, behold, they are led about by Satan, even as chaff is driven before the wind, or as a vessel is tossed about upon the waves, without sail or anchor, or without anything wherewith to steer her; and even as she is, so are they. (Mormon 5:18)

With poetic imagery, Mormon describes their dismal, compromised state which lacked peace, purpose, confidence and well-being.

President Nelson’s Recent Message

The Book of Mormon is a road map for our time and as I read through these chapters from Mormon’s own life record, I can see we are already witnessing some of the same deterioration he experienced. Which is why President Nelson’s talk during the recent Women’s Conference (2020) was literally a gift from heaven for me.

Now, grandeur may not be the word you would choose to describe these past few months! How are we to deal with both the somber prophecies and the glorious pronouncements about our day? The Lord told us how with simple, but stunning, reassurance: “If ye are prepared ye shall not fear.”

What a promise! It is one that can literally change the way we see our future…

Boy, did I ever need help with my perception of the year 2020 and the bleak future coming.

His talk helped me to remember that throughout religious history, darkness and great hardships are matched with even greater miracles and empowerment from on high. President Nelson further counsels us if we are prepared both physically and spiritually – we can have the wonder and joy of the last dispensation. He added this:

Moroni fortified every Nephite city with embankments, forts, and walls. When the Lamanites came against them, they “were astonished exceedingly, because of the wisdom of the Nephites in preparing their places of security.

Take Action

Now, please listen to this important part of the message – President Nelson is telling us what is to come.

Similarly, as turmoil rages around us, we need to create places where we are safe, both physically and spiritually. When your home becomes a personal sanctuary of faith—where the Spirit resides—your home becomes the first line of defense.

Perhaps the best thing that happened to me as I listened to President Nelson’s talk is – I no longer have to feel helpless as I watch the decay of society, the loss of peace or the natural disasters around me! I can act and prepare, rather than wait to be acted upon.

fortify: brace, secure, build up, entrench, strengthen and protect.

The prophet’s message sent our household into action! For example, my husband ordered more security cameras and we are thinking about items like generators, a better gate and stronger locks on doors. We are also canning more garden produce. For sure, we are double-checking and fortifying our family’s spiritual traditions.


More than anything, I want to help pass along the prophet’s message of preparation, peace and confidence – the kind of peace that runs like a river and passes understanding. Hopefully, you can take comfort in President Nelson’s words too.

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