General Conference 5 Highlights Schedule

by | Apr 9, 2024

I’m excited about the wonderful lessons this General Conference will help us teach. I’m also so grateful to all the awesome teachers who lead our discussions.

President Nelson’s talk should be up by Wednesday evening, and Elder Kearon’s talk should be by Thursday evening.

There will be no poll this session. I’ll do at least 15 talks – the ones I know the most people will be looking for.

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  1. Jason Nielson

    Is the poll open for the April 2024 conference?

    • Shawnie Cannon

      Thank you for asking. No poll this session. Turns out it is not a good prediction of what people end up looking for the most. I’ll do at least 15 talks.

  2. Elma Lynne

    Thank you thank you! Do you know where I can find the written talks right now?

    • Shawnie Cannon

      I have not seen them yet. Probably tomorrow.


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