First Anniversary – Specks of Mud or Stars?

by | Apr 24, 2021

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Some Highlights for D&C 41-44 Too

It’s the first anniversary of Divine Code. The creation of this blog has been a fantastic experience. Personally, I live for words and swim in them. You might notice sometimes, the written language is a divine, empowering mechanism that helps guide and frame our very thoughts and existence.

I taught myself to read when I was two and still remember like it was yesterday. How? I re-arranged magnetic letters on the roof of a metal toy barn and asked my dad if ‘these’ letters spelled anything. (This process repeated over and over and over; it was the best entertainment.) Voila! The magic existence of words began for me. Then I discovered books…

The opposite of that experience might be writer’s block. For the past week, I’ve attempted to produce an article, any article. When the words wouldn’t come, I said to myself, “never mind; I’ll just sleep off the blank drawing board and try again tomorrow.” That became a failed strategy times 6. The ideas float in the air around me, but somehow a conduit jammed up. No words came from the fingertips onto the keyboard. Not even the most straightforward thoughts, it can be a bit painful.


The last couple of days, my husband and I have been touring the sensational, awe-inspiring sights of Lake Powell and the Grand Canyon. Last night we decided to skip the hotel and be complete wanderers. Yes, we car-camped in our very red Tesla Model Y. Red is simply the best-looking Tesla color. (I’ve wanted a Tesla for eight solid years and finally broke down and bought one.) AI (artificial intelligence) and self-driving are some impressive, ingenious new technology.

At 4:00 a.m. this morning as I contemplated the stars, I found the culprit for the writer’s block. I had no glasses on – so the stars may well have been specks of mud on a glass roof. Before I share the culprit, here’s a bit of a backstory.

Last blog post we talked about D&C 38:24-25. That is some incredible advice straight from the Master to me and to you. Esteem people, esteem others as at your level of worth, time, and consideration.

I have found, more and more, the people whose company I prefer are the ones who do just that. Those who are not so full of their status, beauty, wealth, education, and accomplishments, no matter how extensive that list might be. For example, folks who live to ‘do’ and ‘bring to pass’ rather than be seen and admired. They affect so much more in this world, whether we see it or not.

My mind focused on someone I once knew who spent a lot of energy on being seen the right way, with the right people. The exultation is in being considered the best, the most, and maybe even showboating while doing it. And truthfully, there is a lot of success to admire. When I was younger, I was one of her willing validators, just grateful to be associated. Looking back, I realize the shallowness of a tiered arrangement. Both on her part and mine.

Perhaps Elder Uchtdorf said it best:

He teaches us to become His disciples—that our hearts should not strive for personal power, wealth, approval, or position. He teaches us to “lay aside the things of this world, and seek for the things of a better.”

As I contemplated the mote in my friend’s eye, I suddenly became aware of a voice asking me about my big mote. The question was “are you any different”? When communing with the Savior, my flaws are what He is most concerned about, not those of others. And then it hit me where the writer’s block came from. I had veered from my endmost, motivating force to write.

Why I Write

One year ago, this blog started with a bare handful of readers. Today, it passed 80,000+ views. The monthly views are now around 15,000+. And that’s precisely the problem – I started measuring its success by numbers and perhaps writing for the numbers.

Reaching down to somewhere deeper, I contemplated ‘why DO I write’? As the purer purpose re-surfaced, my fingers and the keyboard connected easily. The only way for me to keep the inspiration going strong is to string words together for the sheer and simple ‘doing’ of it.


There are many important, modern revelations that provide inspired structure for the Church you and I attend. Yet, there are even more revelations than for the whole of the Church history given every single day, It’s called personal revelation, the same kind that opened my eyes to my writer’s block.

There is no doubt the Lord delights to own and bless you. Here is Doctrine and Covenants 42:61:

scripture verse


This last year of blog writing has been a true challenge, a gift, and an anchor. I am so grateful for a Gospel that keeps giving endlessly and opening our eyes to better, higher planes of being. We cannot outgrow it! Hope you have a great week!

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  1. Deanna Rawson

    Congratulations on a year of sharing inspiration, and insight. Many thought provoking lessons and ideas. Most of all I feel your love of the Savior and your testimony. Thank you and keep going!

  2. Pouli

    Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary of creating this blog. I love everything about “Divine Code.” I stumbled on your blog not by chance but through the guidance of the Spirit. I am so very glad that you have detailed lesson oriented materials and resources geared towards helping all with different learning styles. Thanks for sharing your experience about how you love writing and books. Thanks for your sharing this blog with the world and God bless you and your family.

  3. Pat Harker

    Thank you for your thoughts, they are always inspiring to me.


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