Christ Extends Callings Directly Too

by | Feb 10, 2024

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Heavenly Errands

This morning, I came across a scripture gem that had me thinking.

Many significant, extraordinary works happen outside of the ecclesiastical structure (Church!). For example, Nephi building a ship. Or Joseph Smith translating the Book of Mormon. Those weren’t ward callings.

I shared two top-of-their-class examples, but there are many, many wonderful works that Christ calls us to do that are also outside of Church callings. I notice them throughout the scriptures. They are often empowering and energizing.

✨ We are given permission by Christ Himself to be anxiously engaged and bring to pass significant, heavenly errands that are commissioned directly by Him.

The Verse

Have you been endowed in the temple? Christ called you personally to be the ‘salt of the earth’ and the ‘savor of men.’

salt of the earth: “Being referred to as “the salt of the earth,” Jesus is telling us we should be affecting our fellow humans with joy for life that comes from the Lord.” (Lancaster Farming)

savor: zest, spice, relish, something delighted in, enjoyed, provides a heightened experience, has appreciated  traits

When I asked the Lord this morning, “How can I be the salt of the earth,” I got an immediate response. I was given an errand – it dropped right down in front of my eyes. It will take me several months, but I can’t wait.

Your Turn

✨Ask the Lord that question, “How do you want me to be salt to the earth”?

You will get a response soon, if not immediately. A heavenly errand that will do the world good.

Timshel (Hebrew for ‘thou mayest’)

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