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A Wealth of Knowledge, Seldom Explored – Joseph Smith Series


Joseph Smith left us so many treasures! As diaries and manuscripts by him and about him unfold – so do gospel mysteries and wonders.

For me, Joseph was greater than just the first prophet of this dispensation. He had more than 130 heavenly visitors speak with him and teach him (that we know of). No prophet since Joseph comes close to his volume of revelations and enlightenment. Even though I love other prophets and apostles dearly, especially President Nelson – Joseph Smith is light years out of anyone’s league.

Joseph wrote or translated 99% of the verses in the three modern sets of scriptures we have (Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price). Almost 11,000 verses. Plus he went through the Bible and changed or added 3,400 verses. (The JST Bible is highly recommended.)

Joseph recorded the Savior’s direct words – talking in the first person – about 91,000 of them in the Doctrine and Covenants. (The Book of Mormon has 41,700 and the Pearl of Great Price 7,900). How many are in the New Testament? About 22,200.

His insights are more profound than most. For this reason, he gets a special page of his lesser known teachings. I delight in them!

(Please see my testimony of Joseph Smith)


No. 1 – Heads Like Cornbread and Pumpkins (fragile testimonies, few are called)

No. 2 – Steamboats and Wharves (getting wrapped up in small things, people games)

No. 3 – New Wine Breaks People (some can’t handle true and deep doctrine)

No. 4 – How the Destroying Angel Passes Over (vital temple work)

No. 5 – A Word (people games, being offended)

No. 6 – Spirit of Elijah ≠ Spirit of Elias (Elias and Elijah are two people!)

No. 7 – Signs of the Times: the Rainbow Will No Longer Appear (extraordinary messages)

No. 8 – Joseph Smith Describes Heavenly Father (helpful description of Heavenly Father)

No. 9 – Joseph Smith – Get Some Love Back (love, forgiveness, calm, peace)

No. 10 – Babies in Heaven (what happens to babies and children who die young)

No. 11 – Wayward Children & 2nd Chances in Heaven (Christ’s atonement extends beyond the grave)

No. 12 – Joseph Explains Where Your Spirit Comes From (surprising knowledge about our beginnings)

No. 13 – Dig Deep, Find Deep (knowledge, study, godliness, power)

No. 14 – You Will Have Beauty and Bloom (what is it like to be resurrected?)

No. 15 – Is the Endowment Session in the Bible? (kings and priests, clouds of glory)

No. 16 – Tastes as Sweet as Honey (spirits, our path, our self-existing natures)

No. 17 – But I Want More Gods (there is no heavenly mother, blacks and the priesthood ban)


No. 18 Quick Guide to Mistaken Interpretations of John’s Book of Revelation (double-check the interpretations quickly)

No. 19 – It’s the Second Coming! No, It’s a Comet! (notable signs of the Second Coming)

No. 20 – Precious and Few (great leadership traits)

No. 21 – Joseph Smith – Our Treasure (take heart, we’re headed towards a glorious end)

Witness of Joseph Smith, Jr.

One of my most sacred spiritual experiences was the manifestation I received of Joseph Smith as a prophet.

I prayed and worked hard for this testimony. I had significant doubts. The answer wasn’t just “yes, he’s a prophet.” My spiritual eyes were opened, and I could see a continuum that went eons back and forever forward. The answer was, he was always one of our noble and great leaders forever back and will be forever forward, and suddenly my whole entire soul knew that I always understood who he was. His standing and position are eternal. This realization wasn’t new knowledge – it was a recall of something familiar. That revelation blazed onto my soul with fire. From that moment, I loved Joseph Smith deeply and dearly. Nothing can erase that experience, nothing can change my regard. I am a huge fan and what he says goes. I leave this witness with you in the name of our dear Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

amen: “I affirm with my whole soul and being.”

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