5 Highlights for “Put Ye On the Lord Jesus Christ” by Sister J. Anette Dennis

by | Apr 15, 2024

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5 Quotes Plus Discussion-Promoting Questions

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I love the gospel concepts Sister Dennis teaches. She clearly outlines our church life in a way that makes me think. We sometimes miss the symbolism all around us, and symbolism is a great teacher.

You can find her full talk here. Unless you opt to spend a lot of time on a particular quote, try to pick around 2 questions per quote. Choose the questions that resonate the most with you and make a meaningful discussion for your group of personalities. These highlights and questions fit with Lesson Template 1 or Template 2. You can also check out several other General Conference Talks with 5 Highlights.

All blue quotes by Sister J. Anette Dennis (unless otherwise noted).

Lesson Prep

At least a week ahead of time, I would assign 2 to 3 people to read a quote from the lesson and be ready to share their thoughts on that quote in class. Try to ask people who don’t speak up all the time. The discussion quality often increases when you give people time to think about the quotes and/or questions.

Please do not worry about covering every quote! Quality discussion makes a lasting impact; sometimes, your group needs to discuss one topic more than another.

Printable Files

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Quote #1 (hesed)

Possible engagement tool: Write “Hesed” on the board and explain that hesed is an extra measure of mercy and love framed by making covenants, a.k.a. covenantal love. It is pronounced HEH-said (not “he said,” but a short e vowel sound like the word head).

Possible discussion question: What covenants do we make with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ?

Note: Accept all reasonable answers; some people will want to include the doctrine of Christ, like “Faith, Repentance, Holy Ghost, Endure to the end…that is okay! – Ordinances with Covenants: Baptism & Confirmation, Sacrament, Temple)

More possible discussion questions: Why does it matter that we’re a covenant-keeping people? Does anyone need an extra measure of mercy and love in their lives? How do we know Heavenly Father and Christ want a deeper relationship with us?

Note: Accept all reasonable answers – They established covenants (two-way promises) that bind us closer. Heavenly Father invites us to pray to Him (have a personable conversation with Him) multiple times daily. Christ makes His love very clear in many verses; see D&C 88:63.

Quote #2 (baptism)

Possible discussion questions: Have you ever thought about baptism as a way to symbolically “put on Christ”? What does putting on Christ mean to you personally? Why are outward ordinances like baptism so helpful to us spiritually? (they are symbolic and help us remember a special day) Does anyone have baptism memories they would like to share?

Note: Inviting one or two of your more recent converts ahead of time to share their baptism memories in class would help make this section meaningful.

Quote #3 (sacrament)

If you ask me, the sacrament doesn’t just point to the Savior…it literally IS the Savior. The Sacrament ordinance puts His atoning sacrifice right in our lap and allows us to access its power and be greatly blessed by it—50 times a year.

broken bread
The Sacrament is a Powerful Ordinance.

Two points I especially loved:

Statement #1: “The gift of His Atonement is symbolically offered to us each week when a priesthood holder, representing the Savior Himself, offers us the bread and water.”

Possible discussion questions: Do we teach our boys that they represent the Savior Himself? Do we realize those cute deacons represent the Savior’s offering of Himself to us? Why does that symbolism matter?

Statement #2: “We again put on Christ as we make a new covenant each week.”

Possible discussion questions: Do we realize the symbolism of putting on Christ? Are we making new covenants each week?

The Sacrament is a powerful ordinance. We can bring much Spirit and power into our lives by reverently and intentionally focusing on the Savior, His atonement, taking inventory of our souls, repenting, and offering our commitment for the coming week.

Possible discussion question: Has anyone ever had an especially powerful experience during the Sacrament? How did it feel, or what happened?

Quote #4 (garments)

The First Presidency just added a great explanation about garments to the temple interview questions. It helped me better visualize how symbolic our garments are:

Wearing the Temple Garment

Possible discussion questions: What do you think of the First Presidency’s explanation of the symbolism of the veil and Jesus Christ? Why is the symbolism essential to understand? Do temple garments add power to our lives? (Accept all reasonable answers – you will have greater access to the Savior’s mercy, protection, strength, and power.)

Sister Dennis said:

Possible engagement tool: Ask your class to listen for phrases and ideas that especially mean something to them today. I bolded mine.

Possible discussion questions: Were there any ideas or phrases that stood out to you from Sister Dennis’s quote? Sister Dennis said wearing garments is a privilege. Why would she use that word? What are the blessings of wearing garments?

Quote #5 (study plan)

Possible engagement tool: Ask 3-5 people to bring their favorite SHORT quote by Russell M. Nelson (1-4 sentences) and let them share it with the class. If you have time, they can share why they like that quote.

Sister Dennis proposes an excellent study plan! I’ll start with the year 2015 and move forward, then go back to President Nelson’s first talks. Wendy Nelson’s talks at regional meetings would probably make for a great side study, too!

Possible discussion questions: Do you have a favorite talk or quote by President Russell M. Nelson? Why did that quote or talk touch you? Has anyone ever studied the footnotes that accompany President Nelson’s talks? What was your experience with them? (I find lovely comments and teachings in the footnotes, too.) Why is it important to go back and study the prophet’s General Conference talks?


Summarize class discussion highlights and/or share your testimony and feelings about Elder Kearon’s talk. Thank your class for their excellent contributions and insights.

Final Comment

Let’s encourage everyone to have a higher faith in God and themselves. This is a powerful message to share with your class. Godspeed your efforts to bring the Spirit into your discussions and learning.

Teach with confidence, and if you would like some tips on how to feel more confident while teaching – try “9 Tips for More Class Participation.” May the Spirit bless and guide your efforts.

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